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Welcome to the world of Rosetta's sculpture.

These sleek, hard-edged sculptures reflect
a life-long love of creating in three dimensions,
a passionate pursuit of excellence,
inspiration from the concepts of power,
nobility and beauty in nature,
and the ability to capture the
fluid life force of their animal subjects (mostly feline.)

Explore these pages to experience the world of
the artist and her work.

Stream of Life

Ever wonder how large bronze sculptures are made? Besides the sculptor, a whole cadre of craftspeople are employed, each employing their unique talent to bring the sculpture to completion.

Follow along through the multi-step tasks involved in the creation of Rosetta’s new commission, “Stream of Life.”

405 8th Street S.E. #15  •  Loveland, CO 80537
970-667-6265  •  E-mail Rosetta: rosetta@rosettasculpture.com

Photography by Mel Schockner