"RUNNING CHEETAH" 7" x 20" x 3" Edition of 100, ©1987

Grace and speed, the two qualities the Cheetah is best known for, are what this sculpture is all about.

Unlike most of the big cats, the Cheetah hunts during the day because he doesn't have to rely entirely on stealth to make the kill - he relies on speed.

During a full-out charge, which can reach speeds up to 70 mph, the Cheetah's body flexes rhythmically from a full stretch with back swayed to the pose depicted here, with the back arched and feet gathered in, ready to spring into the next stretch.

During a high-speed chase, though the Cheetah will cover varied terrain and twist and turn on a dime to follow its prey, his small head, with eyes locked on the victim, remains amazingly level and stable, as if suspended on a line connected to the prey animal.

This piece has been exhibited at the National Sculpture Society's 100th anniversary show in Italy, as well as other NSS and Society of Animal Artists shows in NY, the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, a two-person exhibition called "Cat Spirit/Cat Strength" at the Beacon Street Gallery in Geneva IL, the Colorado Governor's Invitational, "American Women Artists" at Nedra Matteucci Fine Art in Santa Fe and "Wild Cat Art" in CA.